Saturday, March 6, 2010

ZOE.LEELA - Queendom Come

ZOE.LEELA - Queendom Come

label: Rec72
released: 30/11/2009
style:Electro, Electro Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz

Sound on „
Queendom Come“ New Plastic Soul as the album is saturated with the fragmented spirit of international cities. Porous jazz influences, urban hip-hop salutes, and sober, electronic sounds reflect the structured chaos found within an international, musical metropolis.

1. ZOE.LEELA - Gold
2. ZOE.LEELA - Bridges
3. ZOE.LEELA - Departing Myself
4. ZOE.LEELA - True Player
5. ZOE.LEELA - Destroy She Says
6. ZOE.LEELA - Silence

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