Thursday, March 11, 2010

Phour Trakk - Lost in Transition EP

Phour Trakk - Lost in Transition EP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 1.2007
style: Triphop/Downbeat

Lost in this thought, Phour Trakk makes it a principle in style and content on "Lost in Transition". Nothing changes abruptly and yet nothing stays the same for more than the blink of an eye. Nothing is definite, yet nothing is arbitrary. And stylewise, the tracks are neither classic lounge nor typical ethnobeat, neither generic ambient, nor official breakbeat, neither entirely sequenced and electronic, nor totally handmade and acoustic - and yet they're all that simultaneously.

01. Intro
02. Lost in Transition
03. Am Ende der Welt
04. Long Transfer
05. A forest
06. Desert interlude
07. Der Palast der Winde
08. Apsara
09. Bali interlude
10. Jameirah beach park
11. Outro
12. Bonus-Track: Gangbang in Bollywood

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