Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Screenatorium - Audimat

Screenatorium - Audimat

label: jamendo
release: February 19, 2009
style: downtempo ambient trip hop

Djeh, the band composer, wanted to continue the exploration of trip hop. After his previous experience, he recruited a bass player, guitarist and a saxophonist.
Influenced by the Bristol sound of the 90’s, Screenatorium mixes pop and jazz inspirations in order to create a melancolic trip hop, all accentuated by the voice of Nawel Saôdi already present on the previous opus. A year of experimentation, learning, writing, allowing the design of this disc, in line with bands like Morcheeba or Crustation.
“Audience” is a glance at ourselves, an open window on our world. Nervous or throbbing, often tilting, the sounds creep into your head and haunt your daily life. A remarkable experience, which will please melodic trip hop fans and emotional people of all kinds.


1 Audimat 1:16
2 Pearls 4:13
3 Summer Rain 3:26
4 Silent Disaster 4:09
5 Dawn & Apologies 4:25
6 8.17am in Geneva 3:45
7 Second Chances 3:19
8 Faith 4:32
9 Tricknology Interlude (feat Ghostown) 1:11
10 Voices 4:15
11 Wasted Days 3:28
12 Aimlessly 4:10
13 Violence (feat Degiheugi) 3:10
14 Deadphones (feat Degiheugi) 4:05
15 Lady Ana 3:01
16 Stuck In My Dreams (feat Noone) 4:25

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