Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fienix - The Long Walk Home

Fienix - The Long Walk Home

style: trip hop, downtempo, indie folk
released: 27 March 2007

Christin Nelson (fienix) seems to be traveling the music world from genre to genre picking up scraps of melodies and sounds only to then paste them together in a musical painting that reminds the listener of some place familiar.

1.Hirt 05:31
2.Me And You Against Ourselves 03:04
3.Here's To Mondays 04:20
4.Collage M6 04:10
5.It Takes A Greater One Than Me 04:14
6.The Richest Fool In The World 05:06
7.Bloody Chum For The Sharks 06:13
8.Love Is A Full Time Job 03:49
9.My Life As An Instrument Of Warfare 04:33
10.River Boat To The Old Country 06:09

<a href="http://fienix.bandcamp.com/album/the-long-walk-home">Hirt by fienix</a>

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