Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy is fiction - Boy is fiction

Boy is Fiction - Boy is Fiction

Released: Jun 2007
Style: IDM, Shoegaze, Downtempo, Electronic

Australian artist Boy is Fiction ties his art to his music so tightly that theyâre closer to Siamese twins than the identical ones of other artists. The dark, pock-marked concrete wall on the cover, with the similarly-colored rectangular corrugated tin nailed to part of this wall evoke and reflect the dirty, industrial simplicity of the self-titled debut. At times sedate, at times paranoid, but always effective, the album is perfect for moonlight walks through âstreets that follow like a tedious argument of insidious intentâ or a deserted industrial park.

1. Bif Vs 307 (5:09)
2. Why Did You Do That (6:09)
3. Tomorrow Not Today (6:05)
4. I'll Look For You (4:42)
5. If You Hear Me Fall (6:08)
6. Stack Is Bad (5:18)
7. Should Have Stopped (3:51)
8. Glue/Let Me Think (2:59)
9. Say Ah (4:11)
10. The Bits In The Numbers (4:30)

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