Friday, March 12, 2010

SUHOV - Symphaty Modul EP

SUHOV - Symphaty Modul EP

label: BudaBeats
release: 2008.05.17.
quality: 320 kbps, stereo mp3

Suhov is a producer and dj from Szeged/Kecel. He spends his days with beat making in 24 hours, so not surprising he has huge and great music substance. Budabeats proudly presents his EP "Symphaty Modul" including "Exx Fuck" with Bollywood samples, stony instrumental hip hop "Different", "Funny" with sweet beats, "Moonhill" with folk elements, the mambo song "Skunn", and not to mention the other great tunes.

01. Exx Fuck (3'20")
02. Different (4'43")
03. Funny (3'20")
04. Over (3'12")
05. Moonhill (3'41")
06. Clear (2'30")
07. Skunn (1'48")

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