Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I​.​D. & Baobinga - Bass Music Sessions

I​.​D. & Baobinga - Bass Music Sessions

label: Bass Music Blog
style: bass, dubstep, garage, d´n´b
released: 01 March 2010

The crew over at Bass Music Blog have dropped a FREE full length album from I.D & Baobinga. “Bass Music Sessions” is a fresh new vibe that outlines the burgeoning sound of bass music in the UK and you would be completely out of your mind not to go over and cop this shit right now!

1.BackFoot 05:35
2.White Girl 03:31
3.Red Dust 04:10
4.Man Down 04:11
5.Still Tippin' 03:34
6.Inland 05:54
7.Hither & Thither 04:54
8.The King 05:25
9.Hush Up Riddim 03:34
10.Raise Riddim 03:27

<a href="http://label.bassmusicblog.com/album/i-d-baobinga-bass-music-sessions">BackFoot by bass music</a>


  1. diky!


    thanks for the post dude, much appreciated. really like this blog, I'll post about you on bassmusicblog! :)