Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hallucination Layer - Swayed

Hallucination Layer - Swayed

style: Electronic, Experimental, Indie
release: April 24, 2009

Hallucination Layer is the work of David Buco, who hails from Newnan, Georgia. In case you were wondering, that’s 30 miles southwest of Atlanta. Yeah, I Googled it. Anyway, some of Hallucination Layer’s influences consist of Wire and Cabaret Voltaire.
These fifteen tracks on this album never bore you, swaying from "experimental" tracks with minimal beats and spoken words, to funky, dancy, bouncy tracks.

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1 The Longer The Fingernail (The Bigger The Bump) 3:37
2 Sexual Sling Shot 5:17
3 You Can't Ask A Dead Man Questions 6:38
4 Tyler's View On The Cosmos 5:13
5 Riddled With Sleet 3:40
6 Iguana Soup 3:40
7 Galaxy Of Frozen Horses 3:52
8 Cat Food, Cigarettes And Gasoline 6:17
9 Cold Bucket Of Cake (Meine Eltern) 3:55
10 Isolation 4:20
11 Pocket Full Of Corneas 10:50
12 One Bedroom Cement Slab 4:05
13 Refuse Of The Past 5:53
14 You Can't Ask A Dead Man Questions [42nd Level Mix] 7:52
15 Guilty By Magnification 4:24

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