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Mobster - Mes songes son des ternes westerns


Mobster - Mes songes son des ternes westerns

Label: Electrobel
Released: November 2008
Style: Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Jazz, Electronic, IDM, Abstract Trip-Hop

"Mes songes sont de ternes westerns" is a project started a year ago, this audio oriented abstract trip hop thing knew several steps during his creation. Solo tracks let Mobster the opportunity to develop his own universe. but, quoting him, his favorite step was " the collaborations, where I really enjoyed the sonority work, associating music to create something else is a real unique experience.
During 16 tracks, the album is evolving through a free and very evasive theme, the world of dreams. We can find there a sort of general nostalgia, the one of Mobster's past, sometimes hauting him, but with no bitterness.
Sometimes spreading a happy mood, other times a darker and sadder one "Mes songes sont de ternes westerns" is a journey nearby a lake where mixed audio loops, are crossing themselves like phonetic dragonflies. You may have undertsand it, this LP is open to every curious ears, come listen to it, discover it, in the morning, during daytime, the evening or at night, where it will find his most apropriate place.

01-To introduce (introduction)
02-Light before shadow
03-To much sand on headphones (featuring Kes)
04-Celtic snakes
05-Pour le pouvoir
06-Musical walks for robots
07-Pause 89-92 bpm
08-The journey (featuring Rael de Ghostown)
09-Les jours sans
11-Blues river (featuring Degiheugi)
12-Mes songes sont de ternes westerns
13-Perhaps a loop (featuring Screenatorium)
14-The past (featuring Kes)
15-Les temps gris
16-Les pianistes (outroduction)

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