Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spinach Prince - Spinach Prince LP

Spinach Prince - Spinach Prince LP

label: dusted wax kingdom
released: 15-Mar-2010
style: Hip Hop / Jazz / Soul

Getting inspiration from the
jazz hip-hop masters of Stones Throw Records, the boys from Spinach Prince run a masterpiece music project, fusing live performed jazzy grooves and trippy beats, laid on precise digital soundscapes. A must have gem for all cats around!!

1. Deadman's Shoes
2. Frantic Session
3. Seen
4. Ghanina
5. Hoodrats
6. Woodbine Twineth
7. Bad News
8. Favors
9. Rawdigger
10. Rhodopsin
11. Far Cry From Bedstuy
12. Nightcaller
13. Lost Explorer
14. Big Stevies Cornah

download link

franticsession - Spinach Prince from charles gorczynski on Vimeo.

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