Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fernando TRZ - TRZ Remixes Volume 1

Fernando TRZ - TRZ Remixes Volume 1

label: jamendo, samaco records
released: October 31, 2008
style: brazilian nu jazz groove funk eletronic hip

we need to hear more tight rhythmalistic beats like this. These kind of grooves are what makes music enjoyable to listen to. I wish other people would understand that concept of "groove mixed with jazz". Good job Fernando


1 THE MAESTRO (Moacir Santos revisited by TRZ) 4:56
2 KILL KILL KILL (DJ Vadim remixed by TRZ) 4:24
3 GINGA GINGOU (Dom Um Romão revisited by TRZ) 5:31
4 BLACK SUN (The Politiks remixed by TRZ) 4:28
5 TIJOLO-A-TIJOLO (Lucas Santanna remixed by TRZ) 4:31
6 SANIDADE (DJ Dolores remixed by TRZ) 4:31
7 EVOLUÇÃO (Projeto Cru remixed by TRZ) 5:43
8 TERRA (Chico Correa & Eletronic Band remixed by TRZ) 6:43
9 CRAB WALK DUBBING (Eumir Deodato remixed by TRZ) 4:34
10 808 STREET (808 State revisited by TRZ and DJ TAHIRA) 4:58

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