Friday, March 12, 2010

DJ Listen and Learn presents Cadillac Restoration Project

DJ Listen and Learn presents Cadillac Restoration Project

style: hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, jazz, fusion
released: 09 June 2009

About CRP: Consists of 264 samples from old: Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Soul, Funk, Latin Jazz, and Fusion. The music sampled for this record is from the late 60's, 70's, and 80's. I tried to sample the music very respectively as to uphold the integrity of the musicians who originally recorded it. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

1.Rusty Old Cadillac 03:09
2.427 Cubic Inches 02:42
3.Digital Fuel Injection 02:37
4.Custom Grill 03:41
5.$850 White Walls 02:52
6.Tail Lights 03:12
7.Windshield Wipers 02:42
8.Original Steering Wheel 02:44
9.Air Suspension 02:52
10.Rebuilt Transmission 02:22
11.Fins and Chrome 02:25
12.Seat Belts 03:16
13.Wonder Bar Radio 02:35
14.Autoride Control (interlude) 00:48
15.Rear Bumper 02:33
16.Power Windows 03:21
17.Dual Exhaust 03:19
18.New Floor Mats 02:15
19.Bad Radiator 03:27
20.Old License Plate 02:12
21.Fan Belt 03:26
22.Woodgrain Accents 03:35
23.Pride In The Possession 01:51
24.Leather Seats 02:58
25.Cruise Control 04:10
26.This Is Cadillac's Finest 03:04
27.Restructuring GM 04:50

<a href="">Rusty Old Cadillac by DJ Listen and Learn</a>

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