Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fernando TRZ - TRZ Remixes Volume 2

Fernando TRZ - TRZ Remixes Volume 2

label: samaco records
style: Eletronica / Nujazz / Rare Grooves
released: 22 Decembre 2009

Multi-instrumentist and sound designer Fernando "TRZ" Falcoski hails from UNESP, Sao Paulo State University in Bauru. He has several musical collaborations to his credit including a successful internship with pianists Jaime Barbosa and Silvia Goes. TRZ is also a member of bands LAVOURA, MERCADO DE PEIXE and ACUTILADO. As a producer, he has directed over twenty albums via the independent label Coletivo Samaco and participated in a variety of musical projects including "Roca Eletrica" with his band MERCADO DE PEIXE, "Kosmophonia" with his group LAVOURA, a rap compilation "Hip Hop Sem Limites" and an album entitled "Memoria Viva," a compilation revealing the amazing depth of rural Sao Paulo popular culture. He has also dabbled in soundtracks production, cartoon and graffitti concepts. TRZ is currently exploring the vast landscape of electro music and sound design. With broad musical experience and his unique ability to apply the principles of music to other areas, TRZ has earned recognition as an active contributor to the fields of contemporary theater soundtracks, plays, video art, documentaries, publicity and community radios.


1 Baião (TRZ / DJ Tahira) 6:22
2 Baile Muderno (Chico Correa remixed by TRZ) 4:44
3 Big Wheel (Erik Truffaz remixed by TRZ) 5:35
4 I Can See (Jazzanova remixed by TRZ) 5:29
5 Banga-Banga (TRZ) 4:37
6 Obliquities (TRZ / Lavoura) 5:18
7 Money (NASA remixed by TRZ) 4:05
8 Secret Garden (Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band remixed by TRZ) 4:44
9 Galho da Roseira (Hermeto Pascoal / Sivuca remixed by TRZ) 4:46

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