Thursday, March 18, 2010

Neblina Sound - Intergalactic Mashups

Neblina Sound - Intergalactic Mashups

netlabel: neblina sound
genre: hip-hop, mashup
release date: 2010

Neblina Sound present a new free download called "Intergalactic Mashups". Contains 6 "mashups" of the song Intergalactic by Beastie Boys. You can listen to different styles such as reggae, funk, rap, electro and soul and the Beastie Boys mixed with Bob Marley, The Jackson Sisters, Jurassic 5, warp9, Snap or Marvin Gaye. A "mashup" is the result of mixing two or more songs, creating a final result.

01 Beastie Boys Vs Bob Marley - Could You Be Intergalactic
02 Beastie Boys Vs The Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Intergalactic
03 Beastie Boys Vs Jurassic 5 - Swing Intergalactic
04 Beastie Boys Vs Warp 9 - Master Of Intergalactic
05 Beastie Boys Vs Snap - The Power Of Intergalactic
06 Beastie Boys Vs Marvin Gaye - Sexual Intergalactic

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