Monday, March 22, 2010

Fonogeri - Letters From Home

Fonogeri - Letters From Home

label: jamendo
released: August 07, 2009
style: lounge triphop electronic ambient chillout

"Fonogeri's album released in August 2009 is a kind of a road movie, as if it was telling us a story of a mystical and exciting long journey. The very chilled atmospheres and tough downtempo beats are demonstrating that this album is not joking. The recipe is a secret, but the head notes up there are obviously a bit of the hungarian spice, known as "magyar" feeling, and is very special for the western man. Noticeably different from others. Take a trip with this fantastically enthusiastic and creative boy from Hungary, who grew up with his closeness to the nature and is a talent on feeling a bit wider emotional ranges than the average. And that's what makes these tunes attractive as a magnet."


1 Intro To 2:24
2 Pannon Lankák 3:25
3 Easy 4:36
4 Tough Song 4:57
5 Night 2 AM 5:37
6 Offshore (interlude) 0:42
7 When She Walks 3:06
8 Balaton Night Groove 6:39
9 Under Whispering Trees 4:04
10 Dreams 3:31
11 Way Down The Road 4:14
12 Late November In Nagyerdő 5:45
13 Thumb A Ride 5:48
14 Black Volga Stops (interlude) 1:33
15 Forgatagban 3:46
16 Felhőjáró 4:17
17 Lakeshore In Moonlight 5:04
18 Nyárutó 5:40
19 A Tónál 4:21
20 Will We Meet Again 3:49

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