Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zengineers - A Gesture of Irritation LP

Zengineers - A Gesture of Irritation LP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 8.2007
style: downtempo, d´n´b

This is pretty much the ground that Phour Trakk and Sick-E, better known as Zengineers, break with their second album on iD.EOLOGY. While one is still busy filing the two under downbeat with an exotic flair, they have already returned to a more urban environment, have absorbed the atmosphere and have translated it into their very own musical blend of rootage and spirituality. Sometimes melancholic and thoughtful, sometimes fevered and driven, sometimes more in the shape of a track and sometimes more in that of a song, they go back to early jazz as the origin of modern big city sound, while staying true to themselves and their preference for downbeat and funk.

01. ni:esahp
02. Aspheric Focus
03. Heroine
04. Into the Tomb
05. Mindflowers
06. Vertigo
07. Un Taxi la Nuit
08. Make her sad
09. Time Travel (forward)
10. How To Relax (Skit)
11. Monster
12. Ninjas have to think beyond the Normal
13. Women, Fire and Dangerous Things
14. My Mixer Just Broke Down (…and everybody said they liked it)
15. Fast Asleep
16. phase:out

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