Sunday, March 21, 2010

Re-Drum - Another Path Between Universes

Re-Drum - Another Path Between Universes

Released:12 Jan 2010
Style:Downtempo, Ambient, Electronic

Here we have the new release by one of the most active and talented tT community members, and that's of course Re-Drum. Once again he is prooving his diversity in electronic music genres. After the IDM and Ambient sounds on Different Analysis album, across Minimal and Dub Techno on Colours I & II, we are honoured to enjoy some Downtempo styled music on his latest album. This is one sample-intensive journey that you can rotate for a whole day while you're geeking around on the net.

1 Einstein On The Beach 4:24
2 Long Run 4:17
3 Worried Man 4:21
4 Remembering The Time 4:48
5 Schizophrenia 5:36
6 Rebirth 4:32
7 Tempus Fugit 1:41
8 Dieu 5:23
9 Vortex Elevator 1:06
10 Black 2:52

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