Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Bear - If You Can Find Me

Old Bear - If You Can Find Me

label: Rec72
released: 1.3.2010
style: Electronica / IDM / Hip Hop

You’ve found Old Bear in the woods of playful Electronica: The latest album “If you can find me” by french artist Vincent Amelot aka. Old Bear perfectly combines the genres IDM and Abstract Hip Hop thus creating a genre-crossing and straight forward sound. Experience his melodic and thrilling tunes in normal track order or as preferred in random order.

01. My school
02. Likra
03. Situation.Escape.Pressure
04. A cold subway
05. Another evening, like the others
06. Not sure…
07. Toss of a coin
08. On the wing
09. Stapes
10. Low sea, high shell

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OLD BEAR - If you can find me // Promo Clip from rec72 on Vimeo.

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  1. Velice povedená vecička.Super.