Monday, March 8, 2010

Orbique - Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots

Everything goes wrong!!!

Orbique - Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots

label: Rec72
released: 17 May 2009
style: Electronica / Minimalist / IDM

With “
Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots” rec72 delivers a masterpiece of leftfield Electronica artist Marcin Mis aka. DJ Orbique; one of Poland’s finest music producers and DJs besides longtime crew member lukeing forward. Marcin’s eclectic work combines Illbient, Dub, Breaks and Intelligent Dance Music. Let your mind jump to those tracks and not your feet.
  1. love is in 112kbps
  2. everything goes wrong (VIP dirty remix)
  3. gonitwa mysli
  4. psykko
  5. war of peace
download link

everything goes wrong VIP dirty remix by Orbique & VJ Ultra from rec72 on Vimeo.

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