Monday, March 8, 2010

Authist & Dub One! - Dub Illusions LP

Authist & Dub One! - Dub Illusions LP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 05/2005

Album of dub flavored downtempo by the amazing Authist & Dub One!. conveying the true jamaican spirit, the first half of the album are all genuine dub jams, not so heavy on delays like their rolemodels but nevertheless excellent.

01. Inner Wheel (Mushroom Dub)
02. Majesty Club Dub
03. Graveyard Dub (Dead Dub Society)
04. Desperado Dub)
05. Around the World
06. Insomnia in Dub (feat. Marisa/Banguru)
07. Sweet Berlin (feat. Trulala)
08. Get on Upaaah!
09. Lounge 36 (Oldskool Mix)
10. Sweet Berlin (Instrumental Version)

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