Thursday, June 3, 2010

Red Box Recorder - Colour Codes LP

Red Box Recorder - Colour Codes LP

label: Acroplane Recordings
released: 04.08.09
style: electronic, acid, breaks, upbeat, idm
quality: 320 kbps

Colour Codes is Red Box Recorder's second album on Acroplane. Embracing a gamut of different styles, and incorporating live instrumentation and orchestral samples alongside intricate programming, it is an upbeat and colourful record.

  1. Ghost Trio
  2. Unabomber
  3. Kid Cadmium
  4. Too Young To Rave
  5. The King's English
  6. It's Not What It Looks Like
  7. My R2 Unit
  8. Colour Codes
  9. In / Out
  10. Because You're Worth It
  11. Leonard
  12. Up With The Bunting
  13. The Leading Edge
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