Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Buguinha dub - Vitrola adubada

Buguinha dub - Vitrola adubada

label: Libre Comme Lair
released: april 2009
style: electronic, dub, afrobeat

" Vitrola Adubada is a dub album in the purest jamaican...brasilian tradition !
Sound engeneer for "Nacao Zumbi", Buguinha dub produces in solo (in studio and on stage) an authentic and rough dub where improvisation holds an important place.
The multitrack recordings that are used for the dubs are played by brasilian artists Buguinha dub recorded and produced in various styles (reggae, afrobeat, dancehall, samba). Add some analog effects and a slice of madness, the result is a unique receipe. Jahmarraparai ! ".

1. Abre caminhos
2. Liberate
3. Adubando
4. Fino da massa 1
5. Gafieira adubada
6. Tubarao de bacia
7. Troca adubada
8. Satisfacao
9. O desejo et o mote
10. Celebrando a vida

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