Friday, June 4, 2010

J-Finesse - Parts of the Whole EP

J-Finesse - Parts of the Whole EP

label: Bama Love Soul, on Bandcamp
released: 01 June 2010
style: Hip-Hop, Instrumentals, Soul

J-Finesse is a Louisiana born DJ that has been rockin’ crowds for decades. Well known for his “Southern Houspitality” and “Hypnotik Soul“ mixtape series, he’s recently crossed over onto the beat-making side of things! The Louisiana DJ/Producer has been creating sounds that we’ve been enjoying and promoting at BamaLoveSoul for quite some time. Now, he’s ready to release a few projects and we’re more than happy to help him spread the word. He’s working on a house music project, a remix album and a very special tribute project: Ode to The Ummah, the production team that was comprised of Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Q-Tip, Jay Dee and Raphael Saadiq.”

1. A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (J-Finesse Remix) 04:25
2. J-Finesse - Ode to The Ummah 03:43
3. J-Finesse - Three's Not a Crowd 06:06
4. J-Finesse - The Exodus (Mini Mix) 23:06

<a href="">1nce Again (J-Finesse Remix) by BamaLoveSoul</a>

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