Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hybrid Jazz - The Sun

Yeah Booty Shakers!!!

Hybrid Jazz - The Sun

label: on Bandcamp, Audiogramme
released: 01 January 2009
style: nu-jazz, broken beat, funk, electronic

Debut LP from Paris’ HybridJazz (Band) The Sun features a diverse collection of futuristic tracks covering everything from nu jazz to broken beat to hip hop to jazz and funk – all wrapped in Olivier's signature organic/ electronic hybrid sound. The album features a robust line-up of guest appearances by artists such as Replife & Nonie Limar, Olivia, Shea Soul, PaC, Stefane & Ben, Blow and Jessica contributing to give the album an extra injection of creativity and a dose of uniqueness into the mix.

1.Intro (Funky vibration) 00:52
2.Bubble (Feat Stefane & Ben Of Blossom) 06:47
3.Jump Up (Feat Olivia) 03:55
4.Benh Jorge 04:11
5.Eagle Eyes (Feat Shea Soul) 03:48
6.Booty Shakers (feat PaC & Stefane) 03:48
7.Holiday (Feat Rep Life & Nonie Limar) 04:06
8.The Sun 04:25
9.Jazzy Broke (Feat Blow) 03:50
10.Ex Cuz Me (feat Jessica & Blow) 05:37

<a href="http://hybridjazz.bandcamp.com/album/promo-the-sun-with-remix-included">Intro (Funky vibration) by Hybrid Jazz</a>

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