Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phour Trakk - Detour EP

Phour Trakk - Detour EP

label: iD.EOLOGY
style: downtempo, lounge, beats
released: 3.2005

Say you're in the mood to go out on a nice and relaxed little trip. Wouldn't it be cool to stretch your limbs in an equally smart and comfy vehicle that, on tops, does all the navigation for you while you just kick back and enjoy the ride? ... right!
In the shape of the "Detour EP", Phour Trakk's debut mini-album on iD.EOLOGY, we put a wheeler at your disposal that easily excels stylish sneakers, the embosomed Lex or any other means of travel of your choice. The baby of Cologne's chief chill-constructor and his buddy-mechanics Sick-E and Erekzion has a head of its own, branching off into thoughtful yet detached ambient here, taking the ample route to soulful lounge-beats via live bass and guitars there and occasionally stopping by vocals on a snowy evening, thus delivering you safe and refreshed at your destination.
'Speaking of destination', the buddha murmured, 'it's still the way around.'

01. Intro
02. Return of the Spirit
03. Die Elfen von New York
04. World behind your eyes (feat. Sick-E)
05. What you see
06. Interlude
07. Summerday (feat. Sick-E)
08. Battery Park 7 am (Part 1&2)
09. Stars
10. Schnee (feat. Erekzion)
11. Outro

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