Sunday, June 20, 2010

Psychonaught - Geordie Stepper Vol.1

Psychonaught - Geordie Stepper Vol.1

label: Sociopath Recordings
released: 2008.1.8.
style: acid, breaks, dubstep

Psychonaught started making tracks using fruityloops about half a year ago. Back then I mainly made gabba/hardcore/breakcore with limited success. However after a few months of chopping and changing between diffrent genres of music, I came across the varied, new sounds of dubstep. Immediately I wanted to make dubstep and be involved in the up and coming dubstep scene in Newcastle upon Tyne. I take most ispiration for my music from artists like Skream, Kromestar, Caspa, Vex'd and local artist JD Bigfoot.

01. Sink the Fucker
02. Sensi
03. None of Us Left
04. Love Love Love
05. Fifty Thousand Dollars
06. Drugs
07. Dread Bread Stonjah
08. Bitterness

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