Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crepusculum - Sing On In Silhouettes

Crepusculum - Sing On In Silhouettes

label: 12rec
released: 24 December 2009
style: instrumental, folk, guitar, indie

Crepusculum is Fred Baty, a young lad well-known to those that have been around with 12rec. for a bit longer. His “Sky Diaries" EP was a huge success back then and makes hearts melt even today. The accompanying remix album (in cooperation with Zymogen netlabel) remains one of the most elaborate projects carried out at this place ever. We are more than happy to have Crepusculum back with his full-length debut “Sing on in Silhouettes”.
Although the title might point in another direction, nobody really sings on “Sing on in Silhouettes”. Fred Baty’s intricate, neo-baroque Folk music is as instrumental as it ever was. Still, Baty enhanced his palette of instruments and while “Sky Diaries” was an unpolished diamond, “Sing on in Silhouettes” sounds rich and timeless. Crepusculum bridges from John Fahey to XTC ca. 1986, bringing forth the melodic complexity of NWOBHM-pioneers Iron Maiden without being heavy at all.
On “Sing on in Silhouettes", Fred brings to perfection what was his trademark ever since. Kitsch and emotional weight, musical craftmanship and a self-taught comprehension in harmonics setting apart Crepusculum from all guitar music you might have heard before.
Eventually, there is some singing in silhouettes. For “Abaculus Perceptive” Crepusculum joins forces with Genevieve Schwartz and Julia Kotowski (a.k.a. Entertainment for the Braindead) who give out their lovely vocal harmonies. So wow.

1.A Fledgling Firework 04:47
2.Reflected On Clouds 05:07
3.Her Soul Swooned Slowly 04:22
4.Sleep At Sunrise 03:37
5.Jogged Memories 01:40
6.Early Days 04:27
7.Wake Me With Whispers 02:08
8.For Hannah 05:08
9.We Are Twilight 02:56
10.Abaculus Perceptive 05:00
11.Consolations 03:26

download link

<a href="http://12rec.bandcamp.com/album/sing-on-in-silhouettes">A Fledgling Firework by 12rec</a>

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