Saturday, June 5, 2010

1773 - Mixed Signals (Vol. 1)

1773 - Mixed Signals (Vol. 1)

label: on Bandcamp, 1773
released: 08 May 2010
style: hip-hop, instrumentals

After some leaks, 1773 released its anticipated first release of 2010: ‘Mixed Signals (Vol. 1)‘. It’s hosted by Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) and presented by The Find Magazine, Ground Lift Media and Jugrnaut. Guest appearances on the mixtape are done by MC Sick (of Pseudo Slang), Add-2, Othello (of Lightheaded) and much more.
Typically, 1773 limits guest appearances to 2-3 per release, but for ‘Mixed Signals’ the fellas decided it was time to up the ante. “Chicago gets branded as ‘Haterville’ but on this release we aim to transcend any superficial boundaries created by that moniker”, explains MC Just Jay of 1773.
Originally the idea was to release ‘Mixed Signals’ as one mixtape, but the overwhelming response from guest MCs necessitated two installments. Next to that, the Chicago based collective is going to release ‘Sound Soulstice‘ and some other brand new projects.

1. Donwill Intro
2. Chicagoan (feat. Visual, Elevation, Free Will, Love Jones)
3. Easy Rock
4. Pyramid (feat. Neak, Add-2, Sincerely Yours)
5. Get Away Van (feat. Phillip Morris)
6. Nightmayors (feat. Verbal Kent, Phero)
7. DaDaDa (feat. Awdazcate, K-Sera)
8. Class Clown 2010
9. We Jetted Sunday
10. Didn’t I: 1773 Remix (feat. Darondo, Cerebral Vortex)
11. Make Ya Move (feat. Itch13)
12. Lex L Speaks
13. So Clear (feat. Ezekiel38)
14. Lady Lee
15. Make A Smile: 1773 Remix (feat. Bill Withers)
16. Donwill / Tanya Morgan Plugs
17. The End (feat. MC Sick of Pseudo Slang)
18. Donwill Outro
19. The Goodness (feat. Othello) (Bonus Track!)

<a href="">Donwill Intro by 1773</a>

1773 - The Goodness/ So Clear from Cam Be on Vimeo.

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