Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fed. - Fedish Animal

Fed. - Fedish Animal

label: Sociopath Recordings
released: 2010/02/25
style: breaks, electronic, jungle, acid

Fed.'s favourite yard games include the good ole fecal-freckles (throw brick into shit and stay bent), a passtime of choice for many local shitpunks.
On the dancefloor he's the man, with his diskopolo moves, beer-belly dancing he's rocking the ladies and pisses off faggot minimal deejays.
His first million dollars earned by supplying raw musical material for a WC Duck tv commercial was spent on buying out a substancial part of his hometown's heat pipeline and monopolizing numerous winter stayover places of local bums.

01.Bingo 88
02.Baby Beatz
03.Machine Gun
04.Boocker T
05.Bulgarian Pussy
07.Population Ctrler
08.Army In Shadow
09.PC Beep

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