Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hybrid Jazz - Step Inside EP


Hybrid Jazz - Step Inside EP

label: on Bandcamp, Audiogramme
released: 01 January 2007
style: nu-jazz, broken beat, funk, electronic

Paris-based HybridJazz (Band) [aka Olivier.A] effectively blends electronic and organic elements that result in a sound that is authentic, unique and fresh. It's a set of tracks covering everything from Broken Beat to Nu-Jazz to Nu-Soul to Hip-Hop.With this style of organic/electronic sound and fresh fusion of funk/afro/jazz, HybridJazz experiments with the definition of FUTURE JAZZ.

1.Jazz Fretless 03:02
2.Jazz Afro [Electroring Part 1] 03:55
3.Step Inside 04:07
4.Badman Territory 05:04
5.The G Masters 05:04
6.Mezzo 04:16
7.Shapes 04:05

<a href="http://hybridjazz.bandcamp.com/album/promo-step-inside-ep">Jazz Fretless by Hybrid Jazz</a>

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