Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rae Davis - Positive Thinking!

Rae Davis - Positive Thinking!

label: Exponential Records
released: October 20th, 2008
style: hip-hop, electronic, instrumentals, downtempo

After receiving praise for his contribution on the compilation, Wait til the Ice Melts, Rae Davis delivers on his first album, "Positive Thinking." The album is part jazz inspired rhodes melodies floating though hard glitched beats that are just as much electronic as they are hip hop...thoughtful smart compositions that you can't help but break your neck to. The album features a remix by Textual as well as additional production on Old Pianos by Diego Chavez.

1.Yesterday's History 04:06
2.Pyramids 04:18
3.I Could Write a Book 05:39
4.Old Pianos 04:28
5.This I Dig of You 04:06
6.Shook 03:34
7.Triple Double 05:22
8.Positive Thinking! 03:41
9.This I Dig of You (Textual Remix) 03:50

download link

<a href="">Yesterday's History by Exponential Records</a>

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