Monday, June 21, 2010

Hubert Daviz - Beatnicks Tape #01

Hubert Daviz - Beatnicks Tape #01

label: on Bandcamp, UpMyAlley
released: 06 June 2008
style: electronic, hip-hop, beats, experimental

Hubert Daviz aka Hub Deezy hails from Cologne / Germany and has been part of the UpMyAlley family since 2007, producing beats since 2003. He appeared on both Beatnicks Volumes and has expertly put together our very first Beatnicks Tape, which has been released for free download in summer 2008 to critical acclaim (downloaded around 10 000 times btw, see link on the right side of this page...).
Besides his collaborations with fLako (going by the name of Damage Is Done) he has been working with Retrodieu (Huss&Hodn) and Shuanise lately, stay tuned for Updates on that.

1.Organic Soul 02:53
2.Those Dizzy Days 03:10
3.Falling 02:27
4.Lunatic Limbo 01:45
5.Marshall Bravestarr (skit) 00:24
6.Sunset Light 02:34
7.To Demand 03:06
8.Starlight 03:10
9.WarGames 02:40
10.Dusky Episode 01:12
11.Mr Filthy Sparkle 02:46
12.Fresh From The Mint 02:36
13.Traffic Lights (Bonus Track) 03:02

<a href="">Organic Soul by Hubert Daviz</a>

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