Friday, February 26, 2010

Zengineers - The Return of Intelligence

Sick-E & Phour Trakk are Zengineers!!

Zengineers - The Return of Intelligence: Hikari

label: iD.EOLOGY
release: 01.04.2008
style: Drum ´n Bass

When this trip is about to end you notice how much inspiration for the inner cinema there still is to be found in drum'n'bass these days, while at the same time you wonder whether there might also be some new sides to the more physical qualities of the genre to discover.

01. The Future (Intro)
02. The Fusion
03. Heliopolis
04. Don´t blink
05. My Way to you
06. State of Intending
07. Tea on the Terrace
08. Ishin
09. La Jetee
10. TV on mute
11. Through the Lens
12. Stop each other
13. Lost in plain Sight
14. Passage to India

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Zengineers - The Return of Intelligence: Yamiyo

Label: MusicArtistry Recordings
Release Date: 01.04.2008
Style:Drum'n'Bass, Downbeat
Details: zip|192kbit|mp3

1 Zengineers - Wait There's More
2 Zengineers - Drop Dadd Shit
3 Zengineers - Outside The Mind Machine
4 Zengineers - No Rest For The Wicked
5 Zengineers - Through The Eyes Of Man (Remix) (EmFRIK)
6 Zengineers - The Wild
7 Zengineers - The Crest
8 Zengineers - 8.6k
9 Zengineers - The Return Of
10 Zengineers - Yamiyo

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