Thursday, February 25, 2010

iD.Allstars - Re-iD.d 1 + 2

iD.Allstars - re-iD.d

label: iD.EOLOGY
release: 2007
style: Electro/Downbeat/DnB/Hiphop

When Authist & Dub One!, Elliptic, Sudio, Phour Trakk, Zengineers, michL Bridge of The Sunshine Family and Monomatik put their minds and skills to the tracks of Bangguru, SEL, Yakitorih, Disrupt, Sudio, Rupert and Fleur Earth & Forsch, such wondrous stylistic flowers as electroreggae, pop'n'bass, digital laptop downbeat, indietronic-rap and others start to blossom.

01. Bangguru - Target Love (Mushroom Remix by Authist & Dub One!)
02. Disrupt - Kozure Okami (Remix by Zengineers)
03. Sel - Rap in deinen Augen (Remix by Monomatik)
04. Sudio - Euphonic Trajectories (Remix by Elliptic)
05. Bangguru - Another 80s (Remix by Elliptic)
06. Yakitorih - The Flow (Remix by Phour Trakk)
07. Rupert. - Fehlerengel. (Punch Mode Edit by Sudio)
08. Bangguru - Another 80s (Extended Remix by Authist & Dub One!)
09. Fleur Earth - Schöne Zeit (Cologne-Frankfurt Version by michL Bridge)

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iD.Allstars - re-iD.d 2

label: iD.EOLOGY
release: 2008
style: Hiphop/Electro/Downbeat/Pop/Reggae

And so Dub One!, Zengineers and Backwater Planet, Gringo Starr as well as Retrogott and Mariama, Das Timbo and Glander highlight the tracks by Slomo, Zengineers, Authist & Dub One, Disrupt, Gringo Starr and Fleur Earth, rather than subjecting them to the strict rule of their own artistic identities. Advantgarde pop still is avantgarde pop, just a shovelful more earthy. Downbeat still is downbeat, just a thumbprint more psychedelic. Hiphop still is hiphop, just a few Hertz more electronic.

01. Zengineers - Un Taxi la Nuit (Dub One! la première fois)
02. Disrupt - Chip on Fire (Swededversion by Retrogott & GringoStarr & Mariama)
03. Slomo - Manie (Remix by Das Timbo)
04. Gringo Starr - Fcaxlf (Remix by Glander)
05. Slomo - Gnadenlos Trist (Dub One! weiß was du meinst Remix)
06. Authist & Dub One! - Ferry to Punjab (Remix by Backwater Planet feat. Zengineers)
07. Slomo - Was für eine Welt (Zengineers feat. Backwater Planet Remix)
08. Fleur Earth - In Liebe, Fleur (Hiphop-Version by Gringo Starr)

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