Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blessed House - Holy Residents EP

Blessed House - Holy Residents EP

label: budabeats
release: 2009.01.28.
style: hip-hop
quality: 320 kbps, stereo mp3

Blessed House are 2 mc's (Guest House and Bibs) representing Leeds, UK. They’ve been rapping for about 5 years and doing live shows for about 3 years. They have played in Leeds, Cambridge, Buxton, Huddersfield... Blessed House have worked with numerous producers but their main producers are Organised Mess. Organised Mess is a collective of UK Hiphop producers based in Leeds and Oxfordshire. Members include Potentc, Grndyzr, Melon and Stature.

01. Intro Cha (3'11")
02. Sinister [feat. Corkhill] (2'44")
03. Muslie [feat. Fourny P & Tington Sterling] (3'54")
04. Debt Collector (2'19")
05. Contact Illusion (5'21")
06. Wrong Path (4'18")

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