Monday, February 15, 2010

Floexův mix QDR10.Y

QDR10.Y Mix Set by Floex

mixed by Floex . promo release . not for sale

The balancing mix set each attendant of our 10-Years-Anniversary night at Prague´s Palac Akropolis in October.
Floex is the man behind it and we should say it was not an easy task for him at all as the selection at his disposal meant a scope of quite motley tracks. Still and all there was no doubt about him being the right person who was to cope with the mix. Oh and he did! The record resulted in an incredibly sharp and imaginative mosaic of QDR back catalogue pieces garnished with a few unreleased exclusive tunes.

01. “Sova” - Bratři Orffové / “Fields” - Soil
02. “Help Pigeons Find Way Home” - Mythematika
03. “Moře” - Bratři Orffové / “Waterfalls” - Floex
04. “Forget Me Not” - Floex
05. “Ballad In Paris” - Alvik
06. “Tampere Lullaby” - Juanita Juareze / “Lesík” - Tomáš Dvořák
07. “Le Miracle D'Amour Cybernétique” - Mythematika
08. “Beat::Skip” (Suspiciously Delicious Rmx by Close Encounter) - Alvik
09. “Light Years” - Juanita Juarez
10. “Rains Again” (Western Dub mix by Watson feat. Monotone Man) - Ivan Král / “I Hold The World” - Soil
11. “Na hadím ocase” - Bratři Orffové / “Shluk” - Stonedhigh
12. “Too Good To Waste” - Juanita Juarez
13. “Love Is Freaky” - Soil
14. “Fojo Mojo” - Mythematika
15. “Skleník s Motýlem” - Tomáš Dvořák
16. “Kafka Margit Útca” - Floex

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