Thursday, February 18, 2010

THIAZ ITCH - Binjoum

fantastic surprise for me, it´s very funny

THIAZ ITCH : Binjoum

label: proot records
genre: Electro / Comedy / Psychobilly
style: 8bits, chiptunes, rock n roll, and more ...
release: 02/07/2008

Who said there's no such things as a free lunch ? Bedroom Research, Proot and Thiaz Itch give you the complete course for free and don't forget the apperitive.
This new Thiaz Itch LP is a delightful bittersweet cocktail that comes on point for summer times. An avalanche of unexpected associations of sounds arranged with a great sense of humour and tones. Bursts of mandoline, maladjusted vocals, calypso, space age pop, dada collage, coconuts and bikinis are in the Menu.
shake it, serve and VOILA !

1. Binjoum
2. Sol Picante
3. Effervescing Elephant (yd Barret cover)
4. Crountry Frerchtre (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cover)
5. Auntie Mamie (Harry Belafonte - Auntie Mary cover)
6. Froggy Swamp
7. B Line (Lord Invader - New-York Subway cover)piano : Tom Terrien
8. Syrupo
9. Bubblin' Pipe
10. The Gardener's Lament

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