Monday, February 22, 2010

Younnat - His Name Is Radar

old good Ukraine :)

Younnat - His Name Is Radar

label: bump foot
release: 2010.02.14
style: electropops, breakbeats, funky

This release contains some electro pops, tribal trip-hop, romantic downtempo, and uplifting funk. It's a long time blank, although we didn't miss his release from kahvi collective. And finally he came back. His name is Younnat.

1. Radar (4:21)
2. Incredible Adventure of a Flying Fox (4:13)
3. Ku Bo - Younnat remake (Tsu Bo feat. Anbuley) (4:22)
4. Welcome to the Land of Cookies! (3:42)
5. A Last-ditch Effort (3:43)
6. The News (3:52)

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