Friday, February 26, 2010

Sick-E - Genotype Jazz

Sick-E - Genotype Jazz

Label: MusicArtistry Recordings
Release Date: 30.08.2009
Style:Downbeat, Dub
Details: zip|320kbit|mp3

With Genotype Jazz, Sick-E gives a nod and a bow to the icons of mid-90s triphop that first introduced him to the possibilities of non-analogue music. And in a way quite similar to the likes of DJ Krush, RJD2 or The Herbalizer he also pays homage to the half-forgotten realms of old jazz and funk sounds, wrapped in heart-warming pops and crackles. On a different level, Genotype Jazz also harks back to the first tracks the Zengineers produced as a newly formed team back in 2005. In this spirit the album hovers from moody and atmospheric downtempo beats to re-assembled funkbreaks and back, sometimes even venturing into pop territory, with a distinct jazzy vibe telling you that you are still on track. And of cause at the very end it delivers the obligatory co-production with Zengineer’s Phour Trakk, linking it all back to the musical present and future.

1 Sick-E - PastPresentFuture (Intro)
2 Sick-E - An Inkling
3 Sick-E - Devolution
4 Sick-E - The Other Me
5 Sick-E - Swallowtail
6 Sick-E - Bond Music
7 Sick-E - Caleidoscopic
8 Sick-E - Feels So Good
9 Sick-E - Dark Matter
10 Sick-E - The Chill
11 Sick-E - Insanity Waits (Feat. Phour Trakk)

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