Sunday, February 28, 2010

Authist - ErnteDubFest

Authist - ErnteDubFest

Label: MusicArtistry Recordings
Release Date: 06.11.2009
Style:Dub, Downbeat
Details: zip|320kbit|mp3

Summer has gone. But with Authist's new effort, those sunny days will stay with us a tad longer: Get ready for a short but sweet musical journey, starting at Berlin's Cafe Weltempfänger and ending with the first moon of autumn. Pack your bags and get ready!

1 Authist - Weltempfänger Dub
2 Authist - Springbreak
3 Authist - Cold Fish Club-Dub (Squeeze da Fish!)
4 Authist - Curacao Sundown (Springbreak Pt. II)
5 Authist - Dub-Lin
6 Authist - SumMOONerz

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