Sunday, February 28, 2010

dfader – Insomenyah

dfader – Insomenyah

Label: Breathe Compilations
Format: MP3 320 kbps.
Style: trip hop, electronic
Date: October, 2009

dfader is a dark melodic combination of Trip Hop and Electronica. A dark futuristic and sometimes angry, edgy slab of electronic loop based music sprinkled with a mixed handful of samples and sound design. Bringing together a mixture of science fiction film soundtracks, 90’s Trip Hop, and early ambient music.

01 dfader – Intro
02 dfader – What Was Lost
03 dfader – Haunt My Dreams
04 dfader – Half Time Acid Break Part 1
05 dfader – Dark Place Outside
06 dfader – Heavy As My Eyes
07 dfader – Half Time Acid Break Part 2
08 dfader – Based On A True Story (Outro)

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