Monday, February 15, 2010

Phour Trakk - Slip into something more comfortable

Phour Trakk - Slip into something more comfortable

Duration - 44:44 min.

When the god of small things and the Indian goddess of music get together, then Phour Trakk might be the cause. After his previous side trip to the roaring maze of western metropolises, he packs his bags again in order to leave eastbound while in his mind he has already arrived there. And it goes without saying that he has remembered to slip into clothes both typical for the country and comfortable.

01. Intro

02. Eastbound

03. Running on Karma

04. Spirit Cave

05. Paravan

06. Pappachis Moth

07. Sarasvati

08. Everyday Lantern

09. Soft Arc

10. (Bonus Track 01) Bhang Lassi

11. (Bonus Track 02) Voodoo Shop Dub

12. Outro

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