Saturday, December 24, 2011

VA – Roy Ayers Project Beat Compilation Vol. 2

VA – Roy Ayers Project Beat Compilation Vol. 2

label: Roy Ayers Project
released: August 2011
style: instrumental hiphop beats
format: 192kbps mp3

This is the second compilation released by the Roy Ayers Project, featuring producers from far and wide who have been inspired by the music, sound, and philosophy of the great Roy Ayers.
The assignment was to create a beat which samples the vast catalog of funk, soul and jazz musician Roy Ayers. This compilation is a reflection of many things. It displays the versatility of Roy Ayers’ music and the different genres in which Roy Ayers has touched. You hear the influence of Roy Ayers amongst young traditional and electronic musicians, and most importantly it proves that music is a common language, and that people from all over the world can be united through music despite ethnicity, class, or background.
Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Volume 1

01. King Karnov – Always
02. Stanley Bloom – BINYL
03. SaL GuoD & ReXxX – Bouncin’ Deposits
04. Raez – Come Here
05. oriJanus – DC City
06. Prone – Ebbie 2011
07. SiD Mercutio – Erry1 Luvs Sunshine
08. No Studio – GoodBye
09. Hiroshi Saito a.k.a. BOB – Green and Gold
10. Haz Solo – History In The Bacon
11. Hiroshi Saito a.k.a. BOB – Holiday In Tokyo
12. Dion Decibels – I Need You By
13. Haz Solo – Know It All
14. FlamesYall – Light
15. REL – One Single House
16. DJ Ronski – Proactive
17. Professor Brian Oblivion – Really Really
18. RenRok – RGB
19. Radius – Say Goodbye (Sweet Tears House Dub)
20. Bless 1 – Search
21. oriJanus – Sol Love
22. Hayling – Sunshine
23. Bless 1 – The Voyage
24. FlamesYall – We Live In Beauty

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