Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fremdkunst - Like Zauberhulk

Fremdkunst - Like Zauberhulk

label: Fremdtunes
released: 05 December 2011
style: electronic hiphop beats instrumental
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

On December 5th 2010 we released the free 'Zauberschwein by candlelight' EP by Fremdkunst. This was the first in a series called 'Zauberschwein im krankenhaus'. After the release of part 2 'O sweet schwein of mine' in June, it's time to bring the series to a closure with 'Like Zauberhulk'. 'Like Zauberhulk' is a 6-track EP and one more time DJ Mace and friends explore the outer-limits of the nihilistic Fremdkunst-universe.

1. Occupy Utopia 02:53
2. Rungs On The Ladder 03:19
3. Kees De Rauwe Bonk 03:31
4. Das Abendland 04:38
5. Elodie Sanson (DJ Optimus Remix) 02:53
6. Lab & Live (bonus) 10:27

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