Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kutiman - Kutiman

Kutiman - Kutiman

label: Melting Pot Music
released: 26 October 2007
style: funk jazz soul afrobeat groove
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Get ready for the Kutiman experience. Funk and afrobeat are only two shades of Kuti's kaleidoscopic sound. From Westindian grooves and easy listening to rock and soul and even pop there are no barriers. "Music Is Ruling My World", sums it up best ("Half disco, half afrobeat and mostly perfect for summer jamming purposes." was "The Fader"'s verdict on the single). And while Kutiman recorded the bulk of the album all by himself, playing keys, drums, guitar, percussions and bass he also showcases many of his friends and favourite musicians from the scene in Tel Aviv.

1. Bango Fields 03:57
2. No Reason For You 05:10
3. Take A Minute 03:12
4. No Groove Where I Come From 05:07
5. Losing It 04:26
6. Skit 00:21
7. I Just Want To Make Love To You 06:05
8. Chaser 03:51
9. Once Your Near Me 04:33

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