Friday, December 16, 2011

Eufoteoria - Cookies

Eufoteoria - Cookies

label: Música Vermella
released: 31 May 2011
style: electronic dark ambient beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

We apologize for our long hollidays, but we are here again with great ideas and intentions! We begin a new phase after nearly three months of absence, with an album signed by Amadeusz Szczerbowski, aka Eufoteoria, which is named Cookies. Cookies is presented as a strange mixture of different aesthetic concepts, but we prefer no tags, everyone will want to tag that listens! Enjoy it!

1. Latte 00:37
2. Great Inside 01:33
3. Great Inside (prod Jakub Nox Ambroziak) 02:34
4. Paradox 27 02:51
5. The Canonical Composition 02:37
6. The United States of Music 02:59
7. Plume 00:49
8. Don't Go Away (Trupa Trupa Remix) 02:42
9. Postdigitalism 06:37

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