Thursday, December 29, 2011

adamned.age - After The Rain

adamned.age - After The Rain

label: PublicSpaces Lab
released: October 2011
style: electronic ambient idm downtempo
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC

Hanne Adam aka adamned.age is a well-known figure in the netlabel scene, and has been extremely kind to offer us her work for several years now. “After the rain” is her new album – the second release at PublicSpaces Lab.
Trip-hop or whatever you want to call adamned.age slow beat music filled with smoke and glitches is a landmark in the netlabel scene. “After the rain” continues her path, surprisingly, in a much brighter and almost joyful way (like indicating that after the rain comes the good weather). After the rain is an album focused on rhythm, and listening to the several tracks you find Hanne exploring and highlighting several different styles.
After the first 3 tracks where rhythm points the way, she presents us with what could be considered a glitchy music box song, to offer us a beautiful jazz tune in storiette for reflection, and finishing off with the title track After the rain, an epilogue, or maybe a prologue for a next release.

1. there is always hope 05:40
2. nanof 05:43
3. serotonine 07:40
4. zwischenzeit 05:39
5. storiette for reflection 08:18
6. after the rain 05:22

download link 320kbps
download link FLAC

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