Friday, December 23, 2011

AstroLogical - Polynesian Dream EP

AstroLogical - Polynesian Dream EP

label: Jellyfish Recordings
released: 11 October 2011
style: hiphop jazz instrumental beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Polynesian Dream is a mix of lush layered samples and live instruments that marks the third instrumental release from the talented Canadian producer AstroLogical, while illustrating his advancement from his preceding albums Living Fossils and Far Far Away.
Unlike many current cut and paste styles common in the hip hop inspired instrumental landscape, AstroLogical uses his formal training to show a musical sense of melody and progression.
Elements of hip hop, jazz and ambient styles meet in dreamy grooves creating a loungy feel. Tracks are filled with Rhodes, thick bass lines and the use of his own vocals resulting in a distinct polished sound that AstroLogical can call his own.

1. Meshes Of The Afternoon 00:55
2. Glowworm 02:57
3. Tidewalk 02:59
4. Sleepy 01:22
5. Vessels 02:18
6. Evening Out 02:42
7. Someone New 03:09
8. Wish I Had A Window 03:27

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