Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Onyx Ashanti - Live From Bauchhund Gallery

Onyx Ashanti - Live From Bauchhund Gallery

label: self-release
released: 13 March 2010
style: beat jazz broken electronic
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

"If Tony Stark played jazz and had a more creative superhero name, he would be Onyx Ashanti."

This is an Excerpted bootleg of Onyx's Live Beatjazz set at Bauchhund Gallery in Berlin, March 13th 2010. These pieces were choosen from 2 hours of live improvised recordings. None of these pieces were pre-planned. Each one was inspired by the surroundings and is unique to this time and place.
Beatjazz is what you get when you cross a sci-fi obsessed electronic jazz artist with a futurologist instrument inventor. Onyx Ashanti creates all aspects of his self-created style, live, from scratch...nothing pre-recorded or pre-concieved.

1. Carnival 09:25
2. Broken Algorithm 07:10
3. Don't Stress 07:44
4. The Future is Yours (Sunny Day Reprise) 10:13
5. Silicon Ancestors 12:35

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