Wednesday, December 28, 2011

T Bird - T Bird Is Good For You

T Bird - T Bird Is Good For You

label: 23 Seconds
released: 2011-11-30
style: hiphop funk soul electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

T Bird a.k.a. the musical wonderkid Tim Crane is the gravel-voiced front-man of criminally underexposed Texan heavy funk and soul outfit T BIRD & THE BREAKS who released their debut album "Learn About it" in 2009. The band have dropped a number of breaks-heavy funk nuggets since it´s release and now "T Bird Is Good For You" sees Crane stepping out on his own.
Given that he’s a man who loves his hip-hop as much as his funk and soul, it’s no surprise that Crane ends up at the place where G Love, The Beastie Boys and indeed his own band intersect. The album is a walk through the garden of P-Funk, Oldschool Hip-Hop, Dr.John´s Voodooed landscapes as well as Gospel Hymns and Soul/Garage 60´s style.
All in all it´s a fantastic album rooted in the whole American Music Underground culture from the 50´s and up to this day. An evergoing party. It´s good for you.

01. Living This Life To Death 03:57
02. Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night 02:09
03. Nickles And Dimes 04:26
04. Hey Baby 03:57
05. Goin' Down To The Bus Stop 02:22
06. Diggin' In The Dirt 03:40
07. T-Rex 00:37
08. Yusef Labeef 03:48
09. Talk To Me Jesus 03:12
10. I Want To Be Inside You 02:34

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